Working from Home

Working from Home

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A huge chunk of the population seems to be doing it these days.

Mainly it is through the necessity of staying at home to save lives throughout the Pandemic Lockdown. Some people, however, have always worked from home. At the same time there is a huge reduction in the amount of people going to see their GP or visiting the Hospital Emergency Departments to report WMSDs. These are Work-related Musculo-skeletal Disorders. The definition covers any disorder or dysfunction that may have resulted from general work activities.

They are especially prevalent amongst people working in offices. Currently, of course, that covers most people working from home. WMSDs are enormously influenced by the working environment and that has changed dramatically over the last 10 months. Employers of 5 or more people are legally required to check the environment in which people are working is safe. That means that the office space formerly known as the dining table or spare room also must comply. You can complete an online Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessment.

What is really worrying about this, though, is the knock-on effect on the mobility levels of the population. Decreased commuting time results in reduced mobility in general. We all know how hard it can be to drag ourselves away from the desk to indulge in our prescribed one episode of activity per day. This means that people are probably spending more time immobilised in an environment that, in most cases, will be less than optimal for prolonged periods.

If we extrapolate the current environment to when Lockdown is released, there is potential for the waiting rooms at Moballise Physiotherapy Clinics to be overrun by people with untreated WMSDs that have been brewing for months. Whilst this will undeniably be good for business, it should be avoided where possible. It can be avoided in most cases. You can prevent this from happening by taking small daily steps to maintain your mobility levels. It is far easier to maintain your mobility than it is to regain it. Small steps now will save you more effort later.

At The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic we believe in enablement. We strive to equip our Community with the tools needed to independently care for your body brilliantly. We provide numerous free resources for you to use daily. Performing self-treatment techniques for a few minutes every day will easily maintain your mobility. Even though it is hard to leave your desk sometimes, it is a necessary fact of life that immobility for prolonged periods will inevitably lead to a reduction in your movement ability. It follows a basic rule,

“Use it or lose it.”

Be the exception to the rule. Keep using your mobility through Lockdown. Make the most of all the free content on to maintain your mobility. Be one of your group of friends that has looked after your body through this period of enforced isolation and immobility. This is about more than saving lives. This is about more than maintaining your fitness. This is about saving your quality of life. Your quality of movement. Spend your time wisely now to avoid wasting it later.

After all,

Mobility is life, life is time.

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