Neck Pain

Regain your neck mobility with The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic


Virtually everybody has experienced neck pain over the course of their lives.

Neck pain can be very debilitating and will vary from mild stiffness through ‘crunching and cracking’ to intense pain and inability to move.

There can be a number of reasons for the onset of these symptoms. Sometimes a poor night of sleep is sufficient to put a ‘crick’ in your neck. In ergonomic circles, we describe general desk-based office work as ‘spinal damage at zero miles per hour’ as it can be responsible for causing similar symptomatic pain to those experienced after a car accident.

How We Can Help

We have all heard of whiplash – this is the action that your spine, and specifically your neck, goes through during impact. At this moment in time all of the muscles throughout your neck tighten up to protect you. Essentially they go into spasm and can cause intense pain and severe stiffness. The resulting symptoms of whiplash-associated disorders (WADs) are easily resolved and managed with the right help from The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic.

The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic will help you to identify the underlying cause and put together a management plan to assist you in staying pain-free. Our goal at The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic is to put YOU in control of your treatment. You should leave physiotherapy treatment with a well detailed and agreed plan of how to manage your ongoing symptoms.