What Do YOU Value Most?

What Do YOU Value Most

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What do YOU value most? What we value most in life will define our actions. No matter how altruistic and selfless we are, eventually our sense of self-preservation kicks in.

I have a very clear view of what I value most in my life. They are my guiding perspective to keep myself grounded.

My two most important possessions in my life are:

  1. Time
  2. My body

You will note that I call them possessions. Because they are the only things I truly possess. I can use them and abuse them completely selfishly. The way I use them, however, will dramatically impact upon the way I fill my life and what or whom I fill my life with. You will note that I have made no mention of my children, family, friends or work being important to me. In truth, they are absolutely the most important things in my life. I am, of course, unable to possess any of them, though. Additionally, without time and my healthy body I would be of no use to any of them. It is for precisely this reason that I am obliged to count time and my body as my most important possessions.

Time is finite. We all have the same 24 hours to spend each day. We can use them however we choose, we can direct our attention towards whatever pleases us most, or whatever benefits us most. We can never have more time. It is our most valuable commodity. This is surely why we plan. After all, a goal is merely a dream with a plan for fruition. I am potentially the laziest man you will ever meet. Because of this I spend most of my time aiming for increased efficiency and effectiveness in all that I do. In this way, I create more free time to be lazy. Either on my own or with friends and family. Never with work!

My body is my greatest asset. It allows me to do everything I wish to achieve in my life. I make sure that I treat it accordingly. I never want it to let me down and, as such, I strive to ensure that I never let IT down. It is a constant surprise to that people very rarely seek professional education and training with regard to caring for their body. More often than not, the majority of formal education undertaken by the population is work-related.

Why is that?

The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic was conceived for exactly this purpose. Time and your body are the two most important components in life to allow you to fulfil all of your other obligations and options. They allow you to keep performing at an optimum level for as long as possible. We can have no effect on time other than using it more wisely and saving it where possible. Your body, however, can be directly and enormously affected by the personal lifestyle and occupational choices we make. To neglect its maintenance is to ignore its ultimate potential. Once you know how to maintain it, you are in a position where your body is a tool to be applied to your life in achieving satisfaction with all of the important goals and aspirations you have.

After all – if you were blessed at birth with a Ferrari and you never looked after it, maintained it or had it serviced, would you really be justified in being disappointed with it when it finally ‘let you down’?

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