The Last Day of Summer

The Last Day Of Summer

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Here we are. The last day of Summer 2020. It has, by all accounts, been a very strange year indeed.

No doubt we all began 2020 the way we have begun every year. With hope, vigour, and determination, if for no other reason than to ensure it will be better and more fruitful than 2019. The first couple of months hopefully bolstered your approach and encouraged you to be more active and healthier than you ended last year!

This year had a BIG surprise planned for us, though. COVID-19 reared its head bringing, both stunningly and perplexingly, virtually the entire globe to a standstill. Normal life simply ceased to exist in the vast majority of Countries. Cities became ghost towns. Many peoples’ homes became their office, gym, bar, restaurant, and prison. Those that were allowed to venture out were rightly lauded for, if they were allowed out, they must indeed be true heroes of the hour. There to protect us and keep the Country moving despite the reported risk to themselves or their families.

2020 has certainly turned out to be a funny old year so far. It has presented most of us with challenges in many different ways. Some of which have born fruit and others have born tears. As with every year, of course, it has touched everyone in different ways. This year, 2020, however, must stand forever apart as a year which changed us in ways that have perhaps become permanent.

You may feel that our liberty has been affronted. You may feel that your family has again become nuclear, tight, and loving. You may have been furloughed or even become unemployed. Your online business may have thrived. You may well have lost loved ones. You may have changed your political allegiance. All these possibilities are vitally important to the population and the lessons we have learned. Long may we remember them, forever offering a respectful nod and, whilst in-depth discussion of their inevitable impact is necessarily outside the scope of this blog, may we use our new normal to light our choices as we build our new future.

One constant throughout this year that is well within the realm of this blog has been your body. A huge amount of people have experienced enforced mobility or, indeed, heavily increased workload. Both are the arch-enemy of mobility. People venturing out of their homes after three months plus of Corona Virus Lockdown have reported stiffness and discomfort, even pain. Likewise, those that have been required to work harder, longer, and more fastidiously have reported tightness, weakness, and lethargy. These are all the unfortunate symptoms of reduced mobility.

Your mobility is temporary. Everybody knows very well the benefits of increased mobility and the rapid descent into immobility when maintenance is not, well, maintained. To avoid that gradual downward drift into the feared symptoms of lost mobility, a small daily step forward is necessary. It may be a literal step towards mobility enhancing activity i.e. yoga. Or it may be bed-based, sofa based, park-based, office-based or clinic-based. It really makes no difference how you maintain your mobility. It only matters that you do it.

However strange this year may have been we can be sure of one thing. There is still time. In the three remaining months of the year, we have everything we need to improve and maintain our mobility – time. we can ensure that this year finishes in precisely the way it began. With hope, vigour, and determination. Your Country may no longer need you, your body most certainly does.

Mobility is life, life is time.

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