Staying Still is GOOD for You Right Now

Staying Still Is GOOD Right Now

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I was having a chat with someone I am very close to. How is lockdown affecting them and how are they feeling?

During our conversation, they were telling me that they are really struggling mentally at the moment. The level of frustration that they are feeling with the lack of progress in their life is really beginning to drag them down. We talked about aims and ambition. We talked about life slipping away and everything beginning to move backwards instead of pushing on and going forwards. We talked about mobility, my area of expertise – their choice of change of topic. They asked me how the books were going. How was The Moballise Physiotherapy Clinic? When will it re-open (we have no idea yet)?

Whilst I initially felt foolish talking about these latter subjects when there were clearly more important things playing on their mind, I had a bit of an epiphany. What if we apply the theory of mobility to the more important areas of life – mental health, career, sports development, exploring the world.

The more I thought about these things within the context of mobility as an allegory, the more clarity I developed in my thoughts. The most important part of maintaining or improving mobility is to at least maintain the status quo. If nothing else is possible, at least avoid the LOSS of mobility. If we are forced by current circumstances to sit on the sofa more, sit at the desk more or avoid our normal commute activity or even our normal levels of mobility in the outside world then our mobility is definitely likely to suffer.
The most important thing for us all to do, then, is to prevent loss of mobility at all costs. If, when this Great Unprecedented Lockdown is over, our primary goal should be to venture out into the New World, whatever that will look like, with at least the same levels of mobility as we enjoyed when we were locked up.

This is perfectly, and arguably more importantly, applicable to all of the other conversational topics, too. If we are forced by circumstance to put our life goals on hold, then the absolute least we should do is maintain the status quo. If there is no chance of travelling in the foreseeable future, focus on enjoying the memories of past travels. Chat about the good times. Laugh about misguided adventures. If, as they are, you are frustrated by your inability to continue pushing your life forwards, then just stay still. Focus on the benefits of now.

Whatever you do, maintain the status quo. Avoid slipping backwards. There is a saying in the fitness industry – it is easier to maintain gains than it is to make up for loss. That holds true today in lockdown. Hold fast, maintain the status quo and prepare. Act like Rocky – stand strong and take the blows. One day we will again be allowed to move slowly forward. Just avoid slipping backwards so you will be ready to take advantage of our newfound freedom when it is granted by the powers that be.

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