Always be on your OWN side

Always Be On Your Own Side

You know that ‘me in ‘team’? Yes, that one. That is what you need to take care of. Me. You. Yourself. Every great team starts with YOUR wellbeing. If you are less than fully mentally and physically well, you are holding your team back. You are unable to reach out and lift up the beautiful […]

Working from Home

Working from Home

A huge chunk of the population seems to be doing it these days. Mainly it is through the necessity of staying at home to save lives throughout the Pandemic Lockdown. Some people, however, have always worked from home. At the same time there is a huge reduction in the amount of people going to see […]

Mind the Gap

Mind The Gap

The gap in our Healthcare system. It is huge, needs filling and we aim to fill it. We see many people in clinic who are suffering from symptomatic discomfort or pain due to problems with their mobility. This is, sadly, entirely normal to our team. Whilst we are obviously incredibly pleased to be of assistance […]

The Last Day of Summer

The Last Day Of Summer

Here we are. The last day of Summer 2020. It has, by all accounts, been a very strange year indeed. No doubt we all began 2020 the way we have begun every year. With hope, vigour, and determination, if for no other reason than to ensure it will be better and more fruitful than 2019. […]

Staying Still is GOOD for You Right Now

Staying Still Is GOOD Right Now

I was having a chat with someone I am very close to. How is lockdown affecting them and how are they feeling? During our conversation, they were telling me that they are really struggling mentally at the moment. The level of frustration that they are feeling with the lack of progress in their life is […]

Viral Immobility

Viral Immobility

One of the greatest challenges to our ongoing, pain-free mobility is prolonged immobility. Modern working life already presents many challenges to mobility. Working in the same location for prolonged periods immediately limits the opportunity for mobility. Walking across the office can feel like mobility, although it is unlikely to contribute much to undoing the tightening […]